Restaurant Brands 2018 Annual Result

17/04/2018 4:33:03 AM


•     Reported Net Profit after Tax at a new high of $35.5 million, up +36.6%.
•     Net  Profit  after  Tax  (excluding  non-trading  items)  also  reached  a  record  high  of  $40.4  million,  up +32.0%.
•     Successful completion of the 82 store Pacific Island Restaurants Inc. (PIR) acquisition in Hawaii in March 2017 and a further 18 KFC stores acquired in Australia during the period.
•      Total  Group  Sales  of  $740.8  million,  up  49.0%,  with  the  bulk  of  this  $243.6  million  increase attributable  to  the  PIR  acquisition  in  Hawaii  and  the  full  year  impact  of  the  Australian  operations which were acquired during FY17.
•      Combined  brand  EBITDA1 of  $121.9  million,  up  41.5%  or  $35.8  million  with  $24.1  million  of  the increase resulting from the PIR acquisition, with the Australian KFC business accounting for a further $7.1 million and the New Zealand businesses driving the remaining $4.6 million.
•     Directors have declared a record final dividend of NZ18.0 cents per ordinary share, up +33.3%.

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