Restaurant Brands Update On Strike Action

22/04/2017 4:39:57 AM


Some Unite Union members have chosen to strike today after a market leading collective agreement offer was rejected by Union representatives last week.
The offer included:
  • Increase of 10 cents above the current adult minimum wage for all brands entry level from day one. 
  • A $0.50c per hour increase across all other rates across all brands.
  • A $0.50c per hour increase above the Adult Minimum Wage for KFC workers after just 10 weeks of starting.
Restaurant Brands CEO, Russel Creedy says, “ As opposed to McDonald’s offer to increase entry level staff to $0.30 cents above Adult Minimum Wage in three years time, our proposal is to move them now – paying $0.10c above the Adult Minimum Wage at entry, then after 5 weeks increase by $0.20c, then after 10 weeks increase another $0.20c per hour”. 
“In total for KFC staff, who are entry level and subsequently completing food handling training, we’re offering an increase of $0.50c above the adult minimum wage after just 10 weeks at work. “
“It’s disappointing that union rejected our offer for new KFC staff in training after the Union accepted McDonald’s offer of just $0.10 per hour above the adult minimum wage.
Of the major employers in the fast food sector, Restaurant Brands already leads the sector for guaranteed days and hours of permanent work and security of pay.
The Consumer Price Index has risen between 5-6% since 2012; in that time Restaurant Brands has increased wage rates by 17%.
Creedy says Restaurant Brands was the first in the fast food sector to scrap zero hour contracts and move to guaranteed days and hours of permanent work.  
“The overall package of terms and conditions of our employees is better than our competitors in the sector and includes a faster pathway for new employees to increase their pay rates.
Strike Action Detail:
  • Pickets ended at 2pm today
  • A small number of Unite Union members have picketed outside some stores. 
  • Carls Jr. Bush Inn closed briefly due to picketing. All employees were free to join the picket.
  • The focal point of the Union’s activity today has been at the KFC Balmoral store in Auckland.  The store is open, but Police are in attendance assisting to manage the situation to ensure the safety of staff and customers after a request to stop unlawful and unsafe picketing activity was refused. This activity included blocking doorways, the car park and the driveway.
 Restaurant Brands Collective Bargaining Timeline:
  • 23 & 24 March - Restaurant Brands commenced bargaining with Unite Union for new terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement.
  • 4 & 5 April – Restaurant Brands met with Unite representatives again, but no agreement on terms of settlement was reached.
  • 13 April – Restaurant Brands met with Unite Union representatives to provide a revised offer.
  • 20 April – Union gives notice of strike action.
  • 22 April – strike action underway.
The media contact for Restaurant Brands is Trish Sherson on 021 570 803 or