Corporate Social Responsibility

Our purpose at Restaurant Brands is to be ‘a thriving business built on brands that our employees and customers love and trust’. The pillars that underpin this - our people, our planet and our food - are of paramount importance to us and we are proud of the advances we continue to make in these areas.
Throughout our company we are committed to driving sustainable growth and being good corporate citizens. Our Board oversees Restaurant Brands’ sustainability performance and provides strategic input and governance on our Sustainability Framework. Operational responsibility and oversight for our sustainability strategy falls directly to our Executive Sustainability Committee who develop and support the Sustainability Framework, its strategic objectives and review progress.
Our Sustainability Framework, established in 2019, has guided us to date and we have made steady progress on establishing targets, measuring our achievements and developing new initiatives to drive improvement. Three years down the track, with many learnings under our belt, significant growth, and an ever evolving business environment, it was time to review our framework to ensure it captured industry best practice and recognised the current risks and opportunities for our business and sector.
We engaged a global ESG consultancy group to conduct a peer group and gap analysis on our behalf. The most significant finding of our review was the need to fully consider and bring climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into our Sustainability Framework.
So while the pillars of our framework remain, we have updated our strategic themes and reorganised the relative programmes to better accommodate our review findings. This updated framework has guided the presentation of our 2021 Sustainability Report which can be viewed as part of our 2021 Annual Report via the link below.

Annual Report